2014 – DIN Rail Mounting Enclosures for Electronic Control Applications

Hitaltech are pleased to introduce the latest addition to the Italtronic range of the DIN Rail mounting enclosures, the RAILBOX COMPACT

The Railbox is a unique and stylish electronic enclosure suitable for applications mounted on a DIN Rail (EN 60715). This DIN rail mounting enclosure is mounted vertically therefore offering design engineers an electronic enclosure where space on the DIN rail is minimal.

The RAILBOX COMPACT is a lower profile version of the standard electronic enclosures the “Railbox”. The Railbox compact enclosure has a reduced height of 79mm from the DIN Rail.

4 sizes are available, 17.5mm, 22.5mm, 35mm and 45mm thickness which can be supplied in three standard colours; Light Grey, Dark Grey or Green.

"Railbox Compact vertical DIN mount enclosure"

The Railbox is easily assembled as no screws are required and accessories include, breakable hole covers, internal adaptors (for the insertion of smaller PCBS in the enclosure), panels and front covers.

Like the standard Railbox the PCB can be mounted in the base without the need for screws as well as allowing for plug and socket connectors on a 5.00 or 5.08mm pitch per side of the enclosure.
The Railbox BUS system is available for applications where the design requires multiple DIN rail mounting Railbox enclosures to be connected, and allows for integration with other systems.