PCB Mounted
Terminal Blocks & Connectors

A complete range of Rising Clamp and Spring Clamp PCB mounted terminal blocks and connectors

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A range of customisable enclosures including; DIN Rail, Hand Held, IP65 Sealed &  Wall mounting suitable for both electronic and electrical applications.

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Flexible Interconnect

Flat flexible cables which can be advantageously used in applications where printed circuit boards to be connected are subject to vibrations.

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Welcome to Hitaltech USA.

Hitaltech is a company which specialises in connecting technologies and enclosures suitable for electronic and electrical applications.

Hitaltech are pleased to offer a range of enclosures for electronic and electrical applications produced by our manufacturing principal Italtronic Srl.

The range of enclosures includes; DIN Rail Mounting, Wall Mounting, Hand Held and more.

These enclosures are suitable for varying applications including; lighting control, HVAC, energy metering and more.

Email us to receive a PDF copy of our latest shortform catalogue – sales@hitaltechusa.com

Through our technical sales and distribution network throughout North America we can work with design engineers and purchasing professionals alike to offer a product to meet specific customer needs.

If you have an enquiry or would like further information please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Please call 1-855-518-9371 (toll free) or you can email us sales@hitaltechusa.com.